Canepa Cars & Coffee | The Opener

It's been a long, testing winter for many of us, but the time has come to get our beloved chariots out of storage for a little fresh air and sunshine. And what better excuse than to visit the increasingly popular Canepa Cars & Coffee in Scotts Valley, CA? Last weekend marked the first one this season, and even with a chance of rain in the forecast for early Saturday morning the turnout did not disappoint.     

There was enough variety throughout the parking lot to entertain any petrolhead for most of the morning whether they prefer sports cars or overland 4x4 brutes (while a bit heavier on the sport cars however). Once the provided coffee and doughnuts had been consumed while patrolling the parking lot, it was time to feast our eyes upon the automotive pornography that waited inside.  

The best part of wandering through the shop, aside from the countless legendary cars you can loiter around, is the opportunity to see them in various disassembled states. Walk back into the engine room and see a flat-12 engine on a stand destined for a 917, or meander into the metal shop where spherical bearings await control arm installation on an M1. The extensive tape labels detailing which car the parts belong throughout the shop are enough to make you question reality. 

Decadent eye candy awaits any automotive enthusiast within the walls of Bruce Canepa's shop, and the casual "Cars & Coffee" atmosphere makes for one of the best ways to spend a Saturday morning. 

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