#2 - Ästhetik E28 Door Handles

After a short break we are once again moving down the list of ideas. The E28 handles came up from all the wonderful feedback we received on the E30 design. Another simple, bolt-on part is a great addition and a good way for us to keep exploring. We were surprised by the application range as well - the same handles are shared by E28, E21, E3 and even the E26, the iconic M1. We hope that a set can make its way to an M1 enthusiast.

Much like the OEM E30 handles, these are cast aluminum from the factory. The geometry on these parts is a bit more unique and we took advantage of that to work more with CNC 3D surfacing and curvature.

The Ästhetik E28 handle is a more minimal version of the OEM design. The front face is unified into a streamlined curved surface that really blends in the with the body lines. The leading and trailing edges of the handle taper down to the door surface, much like the OEM parts. We wanted the handles to come up from the surface of the car and flow back into it. It really cleans up the look.

(Special thanks to Igor at CAtuned for putting these on their cars and getting us content)

The CNC machined part receives a finishing surface treatment and is black anodized for a subtle look. The signature Ästhetik halftone pattern is CNC milled in as the last step along with the laser engraved markings on the back. As usual, these are packaged as a single pair for coupes and 2 pairs for sedans.

These are available now! You can also order these from our friends at CAtuned.