BMW Shift Lever, Walnut and Stainless Steel

BMW Shift Lever, Walnut and Stainless Steel


There is something special about pairing metals and organic materials. The opposite properties of shiny versus dull, warm versus cold - its that juxtaposition that makes the part unique in design and feel. We wanted to do something special for one of the most elemental aspects of driving a vintage BMW.

Inspired by the elegant simplicity of the Alpina shift knobs from decades ago, we wanted to put our own twist on the classic. We chose walnut as the wood for its physical properties of being harder, machinable and treatable. The pieces are CNC milled to the final shape and then go through 4 oiling and sanding treatments over 5 days to promote wear-resilience and waterproofing. The shape has been updated to a marginally larger and smoother profile for a better feel in the hand as well.

The weight on top and the sleeve inside are both CNC machined from 303 grade stainless steel. The weight is laser engraved with our signature halftone M pattern and comes in at 129 grams in weight. You can feel the pattern on top, but it doesn’t distract from the smoothness of the wood. The sleeve inside contains 3 set screws and a few o-rings to stabilize the shift knob on the OEM shifter of any manual BMW made from 1980 onward.

The end result is a beautiful piece that combines two worlds beyond just the materials. The pieces are machined using modern technology and CAD design yet still hand treated. The design is an homage to the past but with more modern lines and design.

Our hope was to create something the felt at home in a vintage BMW, yet still updated tastefully to modern standards. Because the gear shift is such a basic and primal experience in driving our beloved machines, the feel needed to be just right, while maintaining lasting durability.

Due to the more involved manufacturing process of these units we are going to run a pre-order on the shift knobs. Once we reach 30 units - we will run the batches of parts, treat the wood and complete the final assembly. We will begin production as we reach our target quantities and expect to ship within 2-3 weeks.

As always - we appreciate your support and patience.

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